Laser Hair Removal: Hair always grows back regardless of how often you shave, wax, or pluck. Given how quickly hair grows, how time-consuming and unpleasant it may be to remove unwanted hair, and how annoying hair removal can beunwanted hair may rank among the most annoying things to deal with.

There are numerous techniques for removing hair, and not all are effective. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel worth all the time you spent trying to make yourself hairless and all the expensive products you bought to get rid of your hair temporarily. It is often a never-ending, draining loop, one we wish would stop.

When originally introduced, laser hair removal sounded like a fantasy come true. Who wouldn’t want to have perfect skin and no hair forever? Who among us doesn’t wish they didn’t have to shave, wax, or pluck their leg, underarm, or facial hair? Although laser hair removal sounds like a wonderful procedure, the cost puts many individuals off. Here are some facts regarding laser hair removal that will convince you to give it serious thought to save time, money, and discomfort.


How does laser hair removal function?

Is laser hair removal worth the money

Defining Beauty Wellness and Med Spa offers laser hair removal that uses light therapy to target and kill hair follicles, stopping further growth without harming the surrounding skin or tissue. For the best results, laser hair removal necessitates, on average, 6 sessions 4-6 weeks apart.

Can everyone undergo laser hair removal?

At Defining Beauty Wellness and Med Spa  there are two laser systems available that has allows ALL skin types to be treated safely and effectively. There are some limitations that apply to all laser treatments including any areas with skin cancer or recently treated skin cancer.  These individuals cannot be safely treated for a minimum of one year.

Will all of my hair truly be permanently removed via laser hair removal?

Although individual treatment outcomes vary, it is generally agreed that laser hair removal can effectively and permanently remove up to 98% of hair.  That implies you won’t ever need to shave, wax, or pluck.

You must be consistent and get numerous treatments if you want laser hair removal to be as effective as you had hoped. One treatment will not give you the desired results (all of your hair gone, permanently), but you will undoubtedly see a change in hair growth. After the initial treatment, your hair will resume growing, but you’ll notice that it does so more slowly and with lighter, thinner hair.

To achieve your desired hair removal outcomes, our providers will assess and formulate a customized treatment plan during your free consultation. The number of treatment sessions required depends on the treatment region, hair thickness, and hair color.

What negative effects might laser hair removal cause?

The hazards of using laser hair removal are minimal. Following treatment, your skin may experience a brief light tingling sensation and some redness (similar to what you would experience after waxing or plucking).  Several days following your treatments will also be more sensitive to sunlight and should take precautions in sun exposure.

Getting Ready for Your Appointment

It’s crucial to comprehend the procedures to be adequately prepared if you have never had laser hair removal. Here are some things to remember:

● Before your first laser hair removal appointment, wait six weeks before waxing or electro-stripping. The hair follicle must be recognizable by the laser.

● As long as you use a fresh blade, shaving before your session is acceptable. Using a previously used blade puts you at risk for contact dermatitis, which may be caused by bacteria on an old blade.

● To avoid skin discoloration, stay out of the sun for two weeks before treatment.

● For 24 hours prior to your session, caffeine should be avoided.

● Since antibiotics might occasionally make you more photosensitive, be sure to discuss any medications you’re taking with one of our qualified medical staff members.

Understanding Post-Treatment

After receiving your laser hair removal treatment, you must understand and adhere to these next actions.

● 3 to 30 days after your session, hairs start falling out.

● Expect acute redness that could persist for several hours.

● You can gently scrub and exfoliate your skin, but be careful not to pull out hairs before they’re ready.

● Following your laser hair removal procedure, limit and avoid sun exposure for a week. Use SPF 50 sunscreen if you must be outside in the sun.

● Avoid picking at blisters or harming your skin.

● Use vitamin E or aloe vera gel on your skin.

● After showers, avoid using a towel to “dry off.” Pat your skin to dry and be gentle 

Is the cost of laser hair removal worth it?

The cost of laser hair removal is unquestionably justified compared to the money spent on shaving products, razors, tweezers, and hair removal procedures like waxing or threading. While laser hair removal does not require ongoing monthly payments for years, hair removal procedures and consumables have been expensive.

You will save money, time, effort, and discomfort by undergoing laser hair removal treatments in the long run.

Still not convinced? Call to speak with one of our treatment professionals regarding any concerns or questions you might have about laser air removal treatments.  You can also schedule a free consultation to learn more at about laser hair removal services at Defining Beauty Wellness and Med Spa.