Risks Associated With Beard Laser Hair Removal

Risks Associated With Beard Laser Hair Removal

One of the most popular laser hair removal treatments for men is beard laser hair removal. Just like other laser hair removal treatments, the beard laser hair removal treatment is chosen by people looking for a more permanent solution. Lasers are used to stop the hair follicles from growing new hair. Besides being effective, this laser hair removal treatment is quite inexpensive. You can certainly consider one for yourself.

However, a few risks are associated with beard laser hair removal treatment. Although the chances of these side effects are very low when you get the treatment from trusted places like Defining Beauty Wellness and Med Spa, you must be aware of them before opting for it.

You may notice a few minor side effects after your beard laser hair removal treatment, but they are temporary, and not difficult to deal with. However, if the side effects persist, you should consult your practitioner. Here are they:

1 . Skin irritation and redness

During the beard laser removal treatment, the hair follicles get damaged. As a result, your body reacts to it and the skin starts getting red. Some people feel irritation as well. You may notice swelling in the treated area. Experiencing a little tingle or feeling tender in that area is common.

The area may look like it has been just waxed. However, these problems do not last. In some cases, a topical anesthetic to minimize the issues. The irritation of the skin should go away after a few hours of the treatment. If swelling and redness persist, apply ice packs to that area.

2 . Crusting

One of the most common issues people face after a beard laser hair removal treatment is crusting. Although it is a minor issue, it can be quite inconvenient, especially when it is on the face. Crusting can lead to scabbing so people experiencing this sometimes choose to stay home until the face heals.

However, you should not worry about it. The issue can be easily taken care of by treating the skin properly. Keeping the skin moisturized and preventing it from drying out will help to heal your skin faster.

3 . Skin color changing

A minor change in the skin color is not uncommon after a beard laser hair removal treatment. It can either get darker or lighter depending on your skin color. While people with lighter skin tones generally experience darker pigmentation, people with dark skin tones experience lighter pigmentation. In case you experience this, do not panic. Your skin color will return to normal. 

4 . Eye injury

When you are getting your beard laser hair removal treatment, the laser will be operated in close proximity to the eyes. These lasers are quite powerful and therefore, there can always be a very slight risk of eye injury.  This risk can be easily prevented by wearing eye protection during the treatment. The doctor and the patient should wear it as well.

5 . Risk of skin infection

As mentioned earlier, laser treatment damages the hair follicles on your face. This increases the chances of an infection. Therefore, you should be very careful after the treatment. The treated area should be allowed to heal properly like a wound. This will eliminate the chance of any infection. In case you notice any signs of an infection, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Many people try over-the-counter creams to deal with the infection. However, you should strictly adhere to the instructions of your doctor and apply only those creams prescribed to you.

Rare side effects

The side effects mentioned above are quite common. There are chances of a few other side effects as well. However, they are not quite common. Here are they:

1 . Burns and blisters

A person can experience burns and blisters after opting for a beard laser removal treatment. This can only happen when the treatment is not done properly. Therefore, there are very few chances of burns and blisters when the treatment is performed by an experienced practitioner. All experts at Defining Beauty Wellness and Med Spa are well-trained and experienced, and you will not have to worry about burns and blisters. They perform the procedure accurately and ensure that you get the best results. In some cases, the expert can apply a cooling gel on the skin before the treatment.

2 . Scars

People do not get scars during laser hair removal treatments. However, scars can appear if an area gets infected and is not treated properly. They can be quite problematic to deal with when it is on your face. Although many treatments are available to help heal scars.

However, you will not have to worry about this issue when an experienced practitioner is performing the procedure. Our experts will perform the treatment effectively to ensure you can get rid of facial hair without any complications.

Is laser hair removal painful?

This is one of the most common questions that get asked. It will be wrong to say it is completely painless. You may experience some discomfort during the procedure. Also, the treated area will become red and feel tender for a few days after the treatment. This redness and tender feeling are similar to a sunburn. However, it is mild and will be temporary. Just ensure that you get the treatment from reputed clinics. Defining Beauty Wellness and Med Spa is one of the best places for beard laser hair removal treatments in Tampa. To book an appointment, call 813-955-0408.